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Please find a step-by-step application guide for grants and funding on this page.

Application for Grants

Download the guide for a step-by-step guide for applying for the various types of grants.

Please note, all grant applications must first be approved by your programme group leader and the director of the Research Institute.

Horizon Europe

The EU R&I framework programme Horizon 2020 has recently come to an end. It is succeeded by a new programme called Horizon Europe (HEU, 2021-2027), which has a record-high budget and offers many new interesting opportunities. Potentially interesting 2021 and 2022 calls in HEU’s Societal Challenges programme have now been identified. Please find them here

Should you be interested in one of these, please feel free to reach out to Alisa Kerschbaum and Martina Chylkova. The FMG Grant Office support team offers support for coordinating interdisciplinary and collaborative grant proposals. For more information on who we are, what we do and the type of support we offer see our CORE team page

Impact Grants

Our department is highly successful in acquiring grants in the second flow of funds, especially the personal (ERC, NWO) grants. However, there are still many opportunities in the field of consortium grants (like NWA/Horizon) that relate to social issues such as sustainability, health, resilient societies, digitization, etc. The resources that are distributed via RPAs, the IP and the Sector Plans also explicitly require social relevance of research and, moreover, this often calls for interdisciplinarity and collaboration with external partners. To stimulate this sort of research, we are continuing  our internal system of Impact Grants that should help lay the foundation for new partnerships with other disciplines, other knowledge institutes and private and public parties.

  • Features Impact Grants

    The Impact Grants are aimed at new research projects involving at least 1 academic partner from another discipline and 1 external party. Examples of these external partners are the Municipality of Amsterdam, RIVM, GGD, SCP, but also companies or NGOs that strive for social impact.

    The size is a maximum of 25k per grant, with which, for example, research assistance, data collection and equipment can be paid. Buying out of education is not one of the objectives.

    The financing of the projects is short-term and should lay the foundation for longer-term cooperation and ideally joint grant applications.


    Proposals for Impact Grants can be submitted until April 15 (12.00), 2024. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will assess the proposals by April 24 on the following criteria:

    •    Quality of the proposed research (30%)
    •    Possibilities for sustainable cooperation (eg possible future grant applications) (30%)
    •    Social relevance and possible impact (30%)
    •    Interdisciplinarity (10%)

    Several Impact Grants can be awarded in 2024. Preferably, the projects start immediately after they have been awarded and must be financially completed within one year (but preferably the majority of the funding is spent before the end of 2024).

    Proposals can be sent to

     Impact grant proposal

    • A proposal (approximately 750 words) outlining the nature and objectives of the research.
    • A description of the academic and non-academic partners and their respective roles.
    • Collaborative aims beyond the scope of this project (e.g. collaborative grant proposals etc)
    • Justified budget (please indicate explicitly which part will be spent before the end of 2024)