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PhD programme

PhD programmes

Psychology Research Institute

In the Netherlands the PhD degree stands for a doctorate degree. The preparation for a doctorate degree requires at least four years and consists of independent research supervised by a full professor. PhD students are employed as researchers for a period of 4 to 5 years (depending on wether you work full time or not). Students work on specific projects that are approved by research schools and funded by the Universiteit van Amsterdam, the national science foundation or other funding organisations.

How to apply

In order to get a PhD position one has to apply for a vacant position. 


Selection Committee

After an application a selection committee nominates the PhD applicants, interviews the best candidates and makes an eventual selection. In other words the only way to get a PhD position with a salary is to apply for a vacant position.


Students need to have obtained the title of doctorandus (equivalent to a master’s degree) to be eligible to pursue a doctorate degree. International candidates might be granted exemption from the legal Dutch educational requirement. The exemption is granted when the candidate's foreign education makes him or her eligible to do a PhD in their home country. In other instances the candidate should provide proof (other than a diploma) that (s)he is capable of independent pursuit of a doctorate degree. Proof of this sort may be provided by a current (university) position or function, by publications, and so forth. The Doctorate Board of the Universiteit van Amsterdam decides on the eligibility of the candidate. Both the professor's consent to supervise and exemption from the above mentioned legal requirement are prerequisites for being admitted as a candidate for doctorate research at the UvA.


Documents in languages other than English, Dutch, French and German need to be translated by a sworn translator. Please note that certified copies of originals should also be submitted.

Why do a PhD at the UvA?