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The mission of the Clinical Psychology program group is to develop, improve and test effective evidence-based interventions that promote mental health & wellbeing and treat a broad range of psychopathologies, including (but not limited to) anxiety and personality disorders.
Programme group Clinical Psychology

Bridge between research and innovative therapy

Based on our belief that insight into the psychological and neurobiological underpinnings of psychopathology can inform assessment and treatment, our program bridges fundamental research into learning & memory and clinical research into innovative psychotherapies (including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), that capitalizes on close collaboration with clinical practice.

Research topics

Specific current research topics include: emotional memory and treatment of anxiety disorders, an individual differences perspective on clinical assessment and treatment, forensic psychology, habit-based interventions, medical psychology, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep, psychosis, self-injury, atypical development, and mindfulness.