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L. (Liesbeth) Mann PhD

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group Social Psychology

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
Postal address
  • Postbus 15941
    1001 NK Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Publications


    • Feddes, A. R., Nickolson, L., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2020). Psychological Perspectives on Radicalization. Routledge. [details]
    • Mann, L., Nickolson, L., Feddes, A. R., Doosje, B., & Moghaddam, F. M. (2020). Exploring the viability of phase-based models in (de)radicalization. In S. J. Hansen, & S. Lid (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Deradicalisation and Disengagement (pp. 41-53). Routledge. [details]


    • Doosje, B., de Wolf, A. B., Mann, L., & Feddes, A. R. (2017). Radicalisering en de-radicalisering. In P. J. van Koppen, J. W. de Keijser, R. Horselenberg, & M. Jelicic (Eds.), Routes van het recht: Over de rechtspsychologie (pp. 131-146). Den Haag: Boom juridisch. [details]
    • Mann, L., Feddes, A. R., Leiser, A., Doosje, B., & Fischer, A. H. (2017). When is Humiliation More Intense? The Role of Audience Laughter and Threats to the Self. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, [495]. [details]



    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2015). Increasing self-esteem and empathy to prevent violent radicalization: a longitudinal quantitative evaluation of a resilience training focused on adolescents with a dual identity. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 45(7), 400-411. [details]


    • Doosje, B., van den Bos, K., Loseman, A., Feddes, A. R., & Mann, L. (2012). "My in-group is superior!": susceptibility for radical right-wing attitudes and behaviors in Dutch youth. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 5(3), 253-268. [details]
    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2012). From extreme emotions to extreme actions: explaining non-normative collective action and reconciliation. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 35(6), 432-433. [details]


    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2013). Scientific Approach to Formulate Indicators & Responses to Radicalisation. Empirical study. SAFIRE. [details]
    • Marret, J. L., Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., Doosje, B., & Griffioen-Young, H. (2013). An overview of the SAFIRE project: a scientific approach to finding indicators of and responses to radicalisation. Journal EXIT-Deutschland: Zeitschrift für Deradikalisierung und demokratische Kultur, 1(2), 123-148. [details]


    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., Doosje, E. J., & van Bergen, N. R. J. (2021). Extremistisch Denken en Doen: Een systematische studie van empirische bevindingen over het radicaliseringsproces.


    • Mann, L., Doosje, B., Konijn, E. A., Nickolson, L., Moore, U., & Ruigrok, N. (2015). Indicatoren en manifestaties van weerbaarheid van de Nederlandse bevolking tegen extremistische boodschappen: een theoretische en methodologische verkenning. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details]
    • Mann, L., Doosje, B., Konijn, E., Nickolson, L., Moore, U., & Ruigrok, N. (2015). Weerbaarheid tegen radicalisering en extremisme: Welke factoren bepalen of iemand weerbaar is tegen extremistische invloeden en zijn deze factoren meetbaar? Magazine Nationale Veiligheid en Crisisbeheersing, 13(4), 24-25. [details]


    • Feddes, A. R., & Mann, L. (2013). Versterking van zelfvertrouwen en countering social isolation: Effect evaluation of training DIAMANT. SAFIRE.
    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2013). Does it work? How to evaluate effectiveness of a programme preventing radicalisation. SAFIRE. [details]
    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2013). Final report for EU of empirical study of the SAFIRE-project on processes of radicalisation: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the radicalisation process. Deliverable WP 5.1. Universiteit van Amsterdam.
    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., & Doosje, B. (2013). Key socio-psychological factors in preventive and suppressive interventions. SAFIRE. [details]
    • Feddes, A. R., Mann, L., de Zwart, N., & Doosje, B. (2013). Duale identiteit in een multiculturele samenleving: een longitudinale kwalitatieve effectmeting van de weerbaarheidstraining Diamant. Tijdschrift voor Veiligheid, 12(4), 27-44. [details]


    • Doosje, B. (organiser), Feddes, A. R. (organiser), Mann, L. (organiser) & Dobber, S. (organiser) (2015). Political Psychology conference, Universiteit van Amsterdam. Organizers of the symposium 'Processes of radicalisation.' (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


    • De Groot, M., Schaafsma, J., Castelain, T., Malinowska, K., Mann, L., Ohtsubo, Y., Wulandari, M., Bataineh, R., Fry, D. P., Goudbeek, M. & Suryani, A. (2021). Group-based shame, guilt, and regret across cultures datasets and scripts. DataverseNL.
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities