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Developmental Psychology

Rita Vuyk Lectures

Developmental Psychology

Since January 2009 the department of Developmental Psychology has been organizing the "Rita Vuyk Lectures".

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These lectures are in honour of prof.dr. Margueritha Vuyk. She was the first full professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. See the Album Academicum of the University of Amsterdam for more information.

Album Academicum of the University of Amsterdam

These monthly lectures will have a diverse character with a wide range of eminent speakers and could be of interest to both students and employees from all departments. Here, the dates, speakers and topics for the Rita Vuyk lectures are listed.

For upcoming lectures see below. For a full overview see the Archive.

Tuesday 11 of June, 16:00-17:00 in REC GS.08, dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde, Brain & Development Research Center, Leiden University

The changing brain: adolescent's learning in social contexts.

Adolescence is a life-phase in which social behavior shows remarkable changes. For instance, during the teenage years peers gain importance and we increasingly gain skills important for understanding others. How do these changes interact with our ability to learn from observing other's behavior? Samen Leren (social learning) is a project that sets out to study how adolescents learn from, for, and about other people. How do we learn who we can trust and cooperate with? A main goal is to test when and how changes in social learning emerge and which neurocognitive changes accelerate social learning across adolescence. During this task, dr. Van Duijvenvoorde will summarize key finding and critically discus future implications.

This lecture is hosted by Wouter van den Bos