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Dr. N.J. (Natalia) Zarzeczna

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group Social Psychology

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
Postal address
  • Postbus 15900
    1001 NK Amsterdam
Contact details
  • Profile

    I am a research associate at the Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam. I am working on an ERC funded project awarded to Dr. Bastiaan Rutjens. The aim of the project is to provide a unified theoretical framework to understand science scepticism.


    Research interests

    Overall, I am interested in social and spatial cognitive processes underpinning attitudes towards science, stereotypic perceptions of social groups, and implicit prejudice associated with gender, sexual orientation, religiosity, and race.

    My main collaborations involve Dr. Paul Hanel (University of Essex, UK), prof. Geoffrey Haddock, Dr. Ulrich von Hecker, and Travis Proulx (Cardiff University, UK), Prof. Fern Elsdon-Baker, Dr. Carissa Sharp (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr. Carola Leicht (University of Kent, UK), and Dr. Suzanna Bono (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia).

  • Publications

    Zarzeczna, N., von Hecker, U., Proulx, T., & Haddock, G. (2020). Powerful men on top: Stereotypes interact with metaphors in social categorizations. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 46(1), 36–65.

    Hanel, P., Zarzeczna, N., & Haddock, G. (2018). Sharing the same political ideology yet endorsing different values: European left- and right-wing political supporters are more heterogeneous than moderates. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 10 (7), 874-882.


  • Biography

    Before joining UvA, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK. I worked on a multidisciplinary research project: ‘Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum Global Perspective.’ This project was designed to understand people’s perceptions of the relationship between evolutionary science and religion cross-culturally. My role involved investigating such perceptions in the context of social identity, stereotyping, and prejudice reduction.

    Previously, I was a PhD researcher at Cardiff University, UK. I was co-supervised by Dr. Ulrich von Hecker and Prof. Geoffrey Haddock. My project involved investigating the extent to which basic perceptual processes, such as perceptions of physical space, are associated with implicit stereotypical responses in social categorizations of gender and social power.

  • Publications


    • Hoogeveen, S., Sarafoglou, A., Aczel, B., Aditya, Y., Alayan, A. J., Allen, P. J., Altay, S., Alzahawi, S., Amir, Y., Anthony, F-V., Kwame Appiah, O., Atkinson, Q. D., Baimel, A., Balkaya-Ince, M., Balsamo, M., Banker, S., Bartoš, F., Becerra, M., Beffara, B., ... Wagenmakers, E-J. (2022). A many-analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being. Religion, Brain & Behavior.
    • Većkalov, B., Zarzeczna, N. J., McPhetres, J., van Harreveld, F., & Rutjens, B. T. (2022). Psychological Distance to Science as a Predictor of Science Skepticism Across Domains. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin.


    • Rutjens, B. T., Zarzeczna, N., & van der Lee, R. (2021). Science rejection in Greece: Spirituality predicts vaccine scepticism and low faith in science in a Greek sample. Public Understanding of Science, 9636625211061520.
    • Rutjens, B. T., van der Linden, S., van der Lee, R., & Zarzeczna, N. (2021). A group processes approach to antiscience beliefs and endorsement of “alternative facts”. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 24(4), 513-517. [details]
    • Većkalov, B., Zarzeczna, N., Niehoff, E., McPhetres, J., & Rutjens, B. T. (2021). A matter of time… consideration of future consequences and temporal distance contribute to the ideology gap in climate change scepticism. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 78, [101703]. [details]


    • Zarzeczna, N. J., von Hecker, U., Proulx, T., & Haddock, G. (2020). Powerful men on top: Stereotypes interact with metaphors in social categorizations. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance, 46(1), 36-65.



    • Zarzeczna, N., Većkalov, B., Gligorić, V., & Rutjens, B. T. (2021). Letter to the Editors of Psychological Science: Boosting Understanding is Unlikely to Correct False Beliefs About Most Science Domains: Regarding van Stekelenburg et al. (2021). Psychological Science. [details]
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  • Ancillary activities
    No ancillary activities