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dr. P. (Pieter) Koele

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group Psychological Methods
Photographer: Beloni

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
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  • Postbus 15906
    1001 NK Amsterdam
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    Pieter Koele (1947) is associate professor (retired) in the Department of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. After his retirement he continues teaching and studying human judgement and decision making processes.

    BSc (Psychology) 1970, University of Amsterdam
    MSc (Psychology) 1974, University of Amsterdam
    PhD (Psychology) 1982, University of Amsterdam

    Pieter Koele specialised in methodology and decision making. In his work he addresses both basic and applied issues. His research projects include the methodology of studying multi-attribute evaluation problems, and the use of Brunswik's lensmodel for studying non-linear, non-additive judgement strategies. His applied projects focus on analysing decision processes of experts such as dentists and psychiatrists.

    He is the author of journal articles, books, book chapters, and reviews on topics including statistics, psychometrics, methodology, and judgement and decision making. He has been Judgement and Decision Making editor of Acta Psychologica , and Secretary/Treasurer of the European Association for Decision Making . He served on various Netherlands' Science Foundation committees including Educational Psychology, Psychometrics, and Decision Making. He has also been chairman of Ministry of Justice Advisory Committees for research projects on Child Abuse and Eyewitness Reliability.

    Selected Publications

    • Koele, P. (1980). The influence of labelled stimuli on nonlinear multiple cue probability learning.Organizational Behavior and  Human Performance, 26, 22-31.
    • Brink, W.P. van den & P. Koele (1980). Item sampling, guessing and decision-making in achievement testing. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 33 , 104-108.
    • Koele, P. (1982). Calculating power in analysis of variance. Psychological Bulletin, 92, 513-516.
    • Koele, P. (1985). Die simultane Kontrolle des Alpha- und Beta-Fehlers bei der statistischen Hypothesenprüfung. Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie, 16, 56-58.
    • Westenberg, M.R.M. & P. Koele (1990). Response modes and decision strategies. In K. Borcherding, O.I. Larichev & D.M. Messick (Eds), Contemporary Issues in Decision Making . Amsterdam: North-Holland.
    • Westenberg, M.R.M. & P. Koele (1994). Multi-attribute evaluation processes: Methodological and conceptual issues. Acta Psychologica, 87 , 65-84.
    • Koele, P. & Westenberg, M.R.M. (1995). A compensation index for multi-attribute decision strategies. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 2, 398-402.
    • Harte, J.M. & Koele, P. (1995). A comparison of different methods for the elicitation of attribute weights: Structural modelling, process tracing and self reports. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 64, 49-64.
    • Harte, J.M. & Koele, P. (1997). Methodological and psychometric aspects of process tracing research. In R. Ranyard, R.Crozier & O. Svenson (Eds.), Decision Making: Cognitive Models and Explanations (pp. 21-34). London: Routledge.
    • Westenberg, M.R.M., Koele, P. & Kools, E. (1998). The treatment of substance addicts: A Judgement Analysis of therapists' matching strategies. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 5, 39-46.
    • Witteman, C.L.M. & Koele, P. (1999). Explaining treatment decisions. Psychotherapy Research, 9,100-114.
    • Koele, P. & Hoogstraten, J. (1999). Determinants of dentists' decision to initiate dental implant treatment: A judgement analysis. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 81, 476-480.
    • Harte, J.M. & Koele, P. (2001). Modelling and describing human judgement processes: The multiattribute evaluation case. Thinking & Reasoning, 7, 29-49.
    • Witteman, C.L.M., S. Renooij & P. Koele (2007). Medicine in words and numbers: A cross sectional survey comparing probability assessment scales. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 7: 13 .
    • Koele, P. & G. Dietvorst (2010). The internal validity of self-report measures for intuitive and rational decision making. In A. Glöckner & C. Witteman (Eds), Foundations for Tracing Intuition: Challenges and Methods . Hove (UK): Psychology Press.
    • Koele, P. (2011). Rationeel beslissingen nemen, kan dat? Quality Practice Tandheelkunde, 7(3) , 8-11.


    • Interuniversity Graduate School for Psychometrics and Sociometrics (IOPS)
    • European Association for Decision Making (EADM)
    • Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM)
    • Dutch Psychonomic Society (NVP)
    • European Group for Process Tracing Studies of Decision Making (Egproc)
  • Publications


    • Witteman, C., & Koele, P. (2014). Het diagnostisch redeneerproces: normatieve logica en cognitieve beperkingen. In G. Bosmans, L. Claes, P. Bijttebier, & I. Noens (Eds.), Diagnostiek bij kinderen, jongeren & gezinnen. Deel I: Een theoretisch kader voor de praktijk (pp. 45-64). Leuven/Den Haag: Acco. [details]


    • Koele, P., & Dietvorst, G. (2009). The internal validity of self report measures for intuitive and rational decision making. In A. Glöckner, & C. Witteman (Eds.), Foundations for tracing intuition: challenges and methods (pp. 238-250). Hove: Psychology Press. [details]


    • Koele, P. (2011). Rationeel beslissingen nemen, kan dat? Quality Practice. Nascholingstijdschrift voor Tandartsen, 7(3), 7-10. [details]

    Journal editor

    • Koele, P. (editor) (2010). Acta Psychologica (Journal).
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