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dr. J. (Jessie) Koen

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group Work and Organizational Psychology
Photographer: Beloni

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
  • Room number: 2.07
Postal address
  • Postbus 15919
    1001 NK Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Current Position

    Assistant Professor

    Research interests

    I examine how people can build a successful career in today's labor market, despite challenges such as temporary employment, unemployment and changing economic conditions.

    Specifically, I focus on people's self-regulatory (proactive) behaviors to pursue a successful career, and the factors and processes that help people to cope with and thrive in today's labor market. I am particularly interested in the processes that provide people with better career opportunities and foster career success, such as career adaptability, employability, motivation (autonomous vs. controlled), optimal goal setting and proactive behavior.


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  • Publications



    • Koen, J., van Vianen, A. E. M., van Hooft, E. A. J., & Klehe, U-C. (2016). How experienced autonomy can improve job seekers' motivation, job search, and chance of finding reemployment. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 95-96, 31-44. [details]
    • Koen, J., van Vianen, A., Klehe, U-C., & Zikic, J. (2016). 'A Whole New Future': Identity construction among disadvantaged young adults. Career Development International, 21(7), 658-681. [details]
    • van Vianen, A. E. M., Hamstra, M. R. W., & Koen, J. (2016). Person-Environment Fits as Drivers of Commitment. In J. P. Meyer (Ed.), The Handbook of Employee Commitment (pp. 275-288). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. [details]


    • Koen, J., Klehe, U-C., & van Vianen, A. E. M. (2015). Employability and job search after compulsory reemployment courses: the role of choice, usefulness, and motivation. Applied Psychology, 64(4), 674-700. [details]
    • Saks, A. M., Zikic, J., & Koen, J. (2015). Job search self-efficacy: reconceptualizing the construct and its measurement. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 86, 104-114. [details]
    • van Vianen, A. E. M., Koen, J., & Klehe, U-C. (2015). Unemployment: Creating and conserving resources for career self-regulation. In L. Nota, & J. Rossier (Eds.), Handbook of life design: from practice to theory and from theory to practice (pp. 201-218). Boston [etc.]: Hogrefe. [details]


    • Koen, J., van Vianen, A. E. M., & Klehe, U-C. (2014). De sleutel tot succesvolle re-integratie: over de cruciale rol van inzetbaarheid bij het vinden van (passend) werk. Gedrag en Organisatie, 27(3), 331-351. [details]



    • Klehe, U-C., Koen, J., & de Pater, I. E. (2012). Ending on the scrap heap? The experience of job loss and job search among older workers. In J. W. Hedge, & W. C. Borman (Eds.), Handbook of Work and Aging (pp. 313-340). (Oxford library of psychology). Oxford: Oxford University Press. [details]
    • Klehe, U-C., Zikic, J., van Vianen, A. E. M., Koen, J., & Buyken, M. (2012). Coping proactively with economic stress: career adaptability in the face of job insecurity, job loss, unemployment, and underemployment. In P. L. Perrewé, J. R. B. Halbesleben, & C. C. Rosen (Eds.), The role of the economic crisis on occupational stress and well being (pp. 131-176). (Research in occupational stress and well-being; No. 10). Bingley: Emerald. [details]
    • Koen, J., Klehe, U-C., & van Vianen, A. E. M. (2012). Training career adaptability to facilitate a successful school-to-work transition. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 81(3), 395-408. [details]
    • van Vianen, A. E. M., Klehe, U-C., Koen, J., & Dries, N. (2012). Career adapt-abilities scale - Netherlands form: psychometric properties and relationships to ability, personality, and regulatory focus. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 80(3), 716-724. [details]


    • Koen, J., Klehe, U-C., van Vianen, A. E. M., Zikic, J., & Nauta, A. (2010). Job-search strategies and reemployment quality: the impact of career adaptability. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 77(1), 126-139. [details]


    • Koen, J. (2016). Zelf zekerheid creëren in een flexibele arbeidsmarkt: onderzoek naar het voorkomen van baanonzekerheid onder flexwerkers. Onderzoeksrapport. (Research report on preventing job insecurity among temporary employees). Amsterdam: Randstad BV. Universiteit van Amsterdam; Randstad BV.


    • Koen, J., Vansteenkiste, S., & Verbruggen, M. (2015). Wanneer zijn zoekstrategieën effectief? Een studie bij Vlaamse werklozen. Over.Werk, 25(4), 73-81. [details]


    • van Vianen, A., Koen, J., & Klehe, U-C. (2014). Bronnen voor zelfregulatie in een dynamische loopbaan. LoopbaanVisie, 2014(1), 75-81. [details]


    • Koen, J. (2013). Employability vergroot kans op re-integratie langdurig werklozen. Tijdschrift voor Ontwikkeling in Organisaties, 3(4), 76. [details]


    • Koen, J. (2017). SkiLLLs Challenge (€1500) from NSVP (Nederlandse Stichting voor Psychotechniek)..
    • Koen, J., van Vianen, A. E. M. & Klehe, U.-C. (2017). Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence - Highly Commended paper - "A whole new future" - identity construction among disadvantaged young adults.
    • Koen, J. (2015). KNAW van der Gaag research grant for project "Making it work: building a successful career in a flexible labor market".
    • Koen, J. (2014). WAOP Dissertation Award (Werkgemeenschap Arbeids- & Organisatie Psychologie)..
    • Koen, J. (2014). ESVDC Dissertation Award for young researchers in vocational designing and career counseling.
    • Koen, J., van Vianen, A. E. M. & Klehe, U.-C. (2013). "A Whole New Future": Motives and Methods of Constructing Career Identity..
    • Koen, J. (2012). The school-to-work transition and work-role identity. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Careers Division Best Symposium Award.
    • Koen, J. (2012). Best Reviewer Award.
    • Koen, J., Klehe, U.-C. & van Vianen, A. E. M. (2010). Best Paper Award (second prize), Werkgemeenschap Arbeids- & Organisatie Psychologie voor het artikel "Distance to the Labor Market: an Employability-based Conceptualization.".
    • Koen, J., Klehe, U.-C. & van Vianen, A. E. M. (2010). Development of job-search and employability in compulsory reemployment courses: a matter of motivation?.


    • Koen, J. (2017). Member of the Best Paper Award Committee (invited).
    • Koen, J. (2015-2017). Best Research Master- and Master Thesis Award Committee
      University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology
      , Best Research Master- and Master Thesis Award Committee, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Journal editor

    • Koen, J. (reviewer) (2017-2018). Organizational Psychology Review (Journal).
    • Koen, J. (reviewer) (2016-2018). Journal of Vocational Behavior (Journal).

    Talk / presentation

    • Koen, J. (speaker) (2016). Making it work: building a successful career in today’s labor market., University of Western Australia.
    • Koen, J. (speaker) (2016). Enhancing (re-)employment success., KU Leuven.
    • van Hooft, E. A. J. (speaker), Koen, J. (speaker) & Schuurman, A. (speaker) (2016). Changes in job-search strategies: A multi-wave study on the role of progress in shaping the self-regulatory dynamics of job seeking, Applicant Behavior, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


    • Koen, J. (participant) (30-10-2016). De 6-urige werkweek. Start (2016, 30 oktober), BNN, Radio 1. (other).
    • Koen, J. (participant) (1-7-2016 - 1-10-2016). Research visit to Prof. dr. Sharon K. Parker at the University of Western Australia, Business School, Perth, Australia (other).
    • Koen, J. (participant) (18-1-2016). De waarde van ons salaris. Werkverkenners (2016, 18 januari). BNR nieuwsradio. (other).
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