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For staff

PhD Committee

We are the PhD committee of Psychology. We call ourselves PsAiKo (Psychology AiO Kommittee). From each department there is at least one representative.

We aim to inform you

We aim to supply and share interesting and relevant information among PhD students. We for instance do this by sending a monthly newsletter about the things you care about.

... connect you

We aim to connect all PhD students and break the boundaries between the different research groups and departments; so you know who your colleagues are and where to find them. We for instance do this by organizing borrels and a famous yearly BBQ; great opportunities to meet new people, start a collaboration, or just have a drink.

... educate you

We aim to provide opportunities for learning and discussion, for you to deepen your skills and intellect and widen your scope. We for instance do this by organizing workshops and symposia on various topics throughout the year.

… and advocate your interests

We aim to advocate your interests and help you enjoy your time as a PhD student. We for instance do this by continuously discussing the issues PhD students face with the management, by keeping track of the policies that concern you, and by being your first point of call.

We are approachable

You can ask us anything, anytime. Find the PhD representative of your department on this website, visit the Facebook group, or email us.

We need you

Do you have a suggestion for what we can offer you? Do you want to organise a workshop or symposium, or have us do that? Is there an issue that needs to be discussed with the management or the scientific advisory board? Do you want to inform your fellow PhD students about some great event or your recent publication? Or would you just like to help us out with what we already do? Then contact us! Your wish is our command.