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Results: 1 - 13 of 13
  • Authorship Order

  • Checks voor online onderzoek

  • Co-pilot approach to data analysis

    The purpose of this document is to highly recommend a co-pilot approach at the UvA Psychology department.

  • Code of Responsible Scientific Behaviour

    To improve the quality and transparency of scientific research, researchers within the Psychology Research Institute of the University of Amsterdam are obliged to follow the regulations outlined by the VSNU and the UvA.

  • Data Storage Protocol

    From January 2015 each researcher needs to comply with the data storage protocol Psychology. You can find the information in this PDF

  • Ethics Review Board

    Information about the Ethics Review Board can be found on the LAB website.

  • LAB rules and regulations

  • Preregistration: Why, What, Where?

    Why preregistration? With preregistration, researchers stipulate their hypothesis and analysis plan in advance of data collection, tying their hands and letting the empirical chips fall where they may (Pierce, 1883).

  • Recommendations data checks

    Recommendations data checks (in Dutch)

  • Research Data Management

  • Scientific advisory board

  • Statistical and Methodological Advice for Psychologists

    The Stats Store is the consulting initiative of the Psychological Methods group of the Department of Psychology.

  • Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

    Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP) provides general technical support for research activities of Psychology, Communication Science, Social Sciences and Child Development and Education.