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Work and Organizational Psychology

Final Programme-update

Summer Small Group Meeting I-deals and Employability 2011

The conference will start on Thursday 7th of July at 11:30 and will end on Friday the 8th of July in the afternoon.
Please find below the programme.

11.00: Registration

11:30: Welcome by Aukje Nauta & Beate van der Heijden

11:45: Keynote address Mel Fugate:

  • Employability (and its relations with i-deals)

12:30: Brigitte Kroon (presenter), Charissa Freese, & Guy Moor:

  • Who gets an i-deal? The development of a questionnaire to measure idiosyncratic deals.

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Luc Dorenbosch (presenter), Karolus Kraan, Marianne van Zwieten, & Ellen van Wijk :

  • Determinants and organisational outcomes of individualised HRM practices: first results from a large-scale employer survey.

14:30: Cristel van de Ven (presenter), Aukje Nauta, & Irene de Pater:

  • Dialogue and i-deal making between supervisors and workers.

15:00: Mariëlle Sonnenberg (presenter) & Vera van Zijderveld:

  • I-deals and fairness:The effect of talent differentiation.

15.30 Coffee Break

16:00: Matthijs Bal (presenter), Simon de Jong, Paul Jansen, & Arnold Bakker:

  • How i-deals contribute to higher motivation to continue working after retirement.

16:30: Round table discussion

17:30: Closing of the formal programme of Day 1

18:30: Dinner at Restaurant Hemelse Modder, Oude Waal 11, 1011 BZ AMSTERDAM,

10:00: Femke Jongerius (presenter), Irene de Pater, Aukje Nauta, & Annelies van Vianen:

  • The mediating role of power equality in the relationship between i-deal making and employability.

10:30: Jessie Koen (presenter), Ute-Christine Klehe, & Annelies van Vianen:

  • Employability among the long-term unemployed.

11:00: Ans de Vos (presenter) & Anneleen Forrier:

  • The role of perceived employability in active job search throughout the career.

11:30: Coffee Break

12:00: Pascale Peters (presenter), Rünald Francisca & Beatrice van der Heijden:

  • The effects of time-spatial flexibility on employability and career success enhancement across different household situations.

12:30: Karen van Dam (presenter),Tinka van Vuuren, &Judith Semeijn:

  • A relational approach to employability: the role of the psychological contract for proactive employability behavior.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Nicole de Jong (presenter), Hans Hoekstra, &Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee:

  • Employability and career development: behavioral and social factors in life time employability.

14:30:Jos Akkermans (presenter), Veerle Brenninkmeijer, & Roland Blonk:

  • Managing the modern career: development and preliminary validation of an integrative framework of career competencies.

15:00: Ans de Vos (presenter), Beate van der Heijden, & Sara de Hauw:

  • Competency development and career success: The mediating role of employability.

15:30: Coffee break

N.B. change to room A3.04 due to 10 participants of the Pan-European Dialogue Programme of De Baak, who will join us.

16:00 Keynote address Denise Rousseau I-deals (and their relations with employability).

16:40: Short reflection by Mel Fugate

16:50: Round Table Discussion

17:30: Closing