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Rita Vuyk Lectures

Developmental Psychology
Rita Vuyk lectures

Since January 2009 the department of Developmental Psychology has been organizing the Rita Vuyk Lectures.

These lectures are in honour of prof.dr. Margueritha Vuyk, the first full professor in Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. See the Album Academicum of the University of Amsterdam for more information.

These monthly lectures have a diverse character with a wide range of eminent speakers and could be of interest to both students and employees from all departments. Here, the dates, speakers and topics for the Rita Vuyk lectures are listed.

For upcoming lectures see below. For a full overview see the Archive.

Upcoming Events

Assessing peer social influence in the lab: Findings from the SIDE paradigm

  • Thursday, 12 March
  • 16:30-17:30 
  • REC-A2.09  
  • Prof Kris Anderson, Adolescent Health Research Program, Reed College, USA

Social context is an important determinant of human behavior. Peer contexts can constitute developmentally-specific risks for potentially hazardous behavior in adolescents and emerging adults. Our work seeks to understand the interplay of social, contextual, and cognitive factors on decision making regarding alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use in these age groups. As in vivo examination of these processes is often impractical, ecologically valid simulations provide opportunities for process-oriented assessment in the laboratory. The SIDE paradigm (Anderson & Parent, 2007; Anderson et al., 2013; 2014) is a laboratory-based procedure that affords the opportunity to assess in-the-moment decision making in peer contexts in a reliable and valid manner. In this lecture, findings from the SIDE paradigm examining the interplay of social anxiety, peer rejection, and media engagement on alcohol and other drug decision making for youth in North America and the Netherlands will be described. This talk is geared toward developmental, cognitive, and behavioral scientists engaged in the study of decision making.

This lecture is hosted by Helle Larsen.