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Developmental Psychology

PhD programme

Developmental Psychology

The vast majority of the research group consists of PhD students and other non-tenured researchers (around 75%) who are supported mostly by NWO and KNAW. This creates an informal research atmosphere with ample opportunity for horizontal and bottom-up communication. The interaction between PhD students and postdocs is encouraged actively which results in considerable cross-fertilization between the two themes of the program. Although PhD students are recruited on the basis of a research project submitted to NWO or one of the research schools (IOPS or EPOS), students are encouraged actively to make an independent contribution, especially during the final stages of the project. PhD students and their supervisors prepare a training program at the start of the PhD project, which includes taking courses offered by IOPS and/or EPOS. The progress made by PhD students and postdocs is monitored by their supervisor(s) and, for PhD students, progress reports are being evaluated yearly by the research schools.

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