What are you hiding? The underlying and contributing mechanisms of physiological memory detection


18Oct2017 14:00 - 15:00

PhD defence ceremony

Memory detection is a technique that uses physiological responses to determine if someone is hiding information. Extensive research has been carried out on memory detection, but which psychological process elicits the physiological reactions is unclear.

Nathalie klein Selle focused her research on three questions: what are the mechanisms that underlie responses to concealed memory items; is the memory test only sensitive to explicit memory or also to implicit memory; and does the emotional value of the concealed items affect detection efficiency.

N. klein Selle: What Are You Hiding? The Underlying and Contributing Mechanisms of Physiological Memory Detection.


Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Prof. M. Kindt


B.J. Verschuere


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