New academic journal focuses on methodology and transparency

Journal on social psychology to publish only ‘pre-approved' articles

21 July 2014

The new social psychology journal ‘Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology (CRSP)', which launched on Friday, 11 July, has a publication policy unique in social psychology: articles will only be considered for publication where the editors have given prior approval of the research methodology. Kai Jonas, social psychologist at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), is the journal’s founding editor.

CRSP is an initiative of Kai J. Jonas (UvA) and Daniel Wigboldus (affiliated with Radboud University Nijmegen), the European Association of Social Psychology and the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists. The journal is being published by Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

Authors are required to submit their research proposal to the journal’s editors, who will assess the proposal based on its theoretical and methodological quality. If it is approved, the authors will be given the green light to carry out the research and write the article. Articles will only be published if they adhere to the pre-agreed approach. 

Preventing data manipulation

This approach is unique among social psychology journals, and is intended to ensure that all articles published are statistically and methodologically sound (e.g. with sufficient statistical power) and have easily replicable results. The approach also prevents data manipulation and the tweaking of research by retroactively changing the hypothesis, for example.

Excellent stimulus

‘This is an excellent stimulus for researchers to carry out good quality research and analysis. The concept of pre-approval isn’t new in itself, but it is new within social psychology. Other disciplines and journals use the same method, but often only for certain chapters or special editions. Social psychology is now in the vanguard by doing so with a whole journal. This journal could be a real game changer.’ 

The editors will be reviewing the first research proposals in late 2014. Online first access will be made available in 2015, and the journal expects to publish its first articles from 2016.


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