Programme groups

The Psychology Research Institute has six programme groups which concentrate on a wide variety of topics. These groups have an overall orientation towards basic, quantitative and experimental research.

  • Brain and Cognition

    The goal of the programme is to obtain a better understanding of the nature of human cognition and its neural basis.

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  • Clinical Psychology

    The mission of the programme is to conduct fundamental research using methods and models from basic psychology to investigate psychopathology, and to run trials to inform clinical practice.

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  • Developmental Psychology

    In the developmental psychology program, we study typical and a-typical cognitive development across the life-span: from infancy to senescence.

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  • Psychological Methods

    Our mission is to improve psychological science in two ways: by developing research methodology and by contributing novel psychological theory.

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  • Social Psychology

    The Social Psychology Program of the University of Amsterdam is dedicated to studying human beings in their social context, broadly defined.

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  • Work and Organizational Psychology

    The research group “Individuals and Groups at Work” (IGW) deals with issues of cognitive as well affective adaptation and regulation in changing organizational contexts.

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