• Ms L.D. (Lisa) Wijsen MSc

    Chair / Psychological Methods

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During the Research Master Psychology at the UvA I did a major in methodology, but also developed an interest in philosophy of science. Currently I am a PhD candidate at the Methodology Department, on a project supervised by Prof. dr. Denny Borsboom. In this project, the aim is to develop a history of psychometrics. We will use philosophy of science to improve our understanding of certain turning points or paradigm shifts in the history of psychometrics and thereby gain more insight in the methods we use today.

  • Ms N. (Noor) Seijdel MSc

    Policy / Brain and Cognition
    T: 0205256772

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After finishing the research master psychology I started a PhD at the Brain and Cognition department under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Edward de Haan and Dr. Steven Scholte. My research mainly focuses on visual (object) recognition and how the visual system extracts meaningful information from the external world. Using computational models of visual processing, we investigate how the brain (dynamically) directs neural resources based on the properties of the visual input and/or the task at hand. Besides my research, I really enjoy teaching and organizing (work-related) events.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Brain & Cognition) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2011. Two years later, I obtained research master degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical & Health Psychology (Cum Laude) at the University of Leiden. Since January 2014, I’ve been working as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Michiel van Elk at the University of Amsterdam.

The aim of my PhD project is to investigate the psychological foundations and neurological correlates of supernatural beliefs, which encompasses both religious and spiritual beliefs. Current research topics are agency detection, absorption, credibility enhancing displays, suggestibility and theory of mind.

More information regarding my research projects can be found on the religion cognition website and the website of the Amsterdam uncertainty lab. Finally, I am chairman of the ASPO dissertation prize committee.


  • Ms C.J.M. (Carlijn) Wibbelink MSc

    Clinical Psychology

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I have obtained a master’s degree in Forensic Child and Youth Care Sciences and a research master’s degree in Child Development and Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). I started my PhD project at the UvA in June 2015 under supervision of Prof. Arnoud Arntz and Prof. Jan Henk Kamphuis. The aim of the project is to optimize treatment selection among borderline personality disorder patients by examining characteristics that predict (differential) treatment response across Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) and Schema Therapy ST. In addition, (differential) change processes will be investigated, as well as the comparative efficacy of MBT and ST.

  • Mr T.J. (Tycho) Dekkers MSc

    Developmental Psychology

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After finishing my Research Master Psychology at the UvA, I started as a PhD student at the department of Developmental Psychology. My project is about decision making in adolescents with ADHD, supervised by Prof. Dr. Hilde Huizenga, Prof. Dr. Arne Popma en Dr. Brenda Jansen. My PhD project is combined with clinical work at the department of behavioral disorders of De Bascule (an institution for child- and adolescent psychiatry), and I am currently attending the “GZ-opleiding” at Rino Utrecht.

  • Mr F. (Florian) Wanders MSc

    Work and Organizational Psychology

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After the Research Master Psychology here at the University of Amsterdam I started my PhD in Work & Organizational Psychology. Together with Astrid Homan, Annelies van Vianen, and Gerben van Kleef I investigate violations of social norms. More specifically, my project aims to answer the question of when and why people who violate social norms rise to power—and when they fall from grace. I also teach methodology and statistics classes and hope to share my enthusiasm for this subjects with my students.

  • Ms L.M. (Loes) Kreemers MSc

    Work and Organizational Psychology

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After finishing my research master here at the University of Amsterdam I started my PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology. My topic of interest are motivation, self-control self-regulation and emotion-regulation. Together with Edwin van Hooft and Annelies van Vianen I study these topics among people who are searching for a job. In particular, we investigate how people can deal with setbacks they encounter during job search and how they can most effectively spent their time and resources to reach their goals.

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12 October 2017